Father of one | Designer | Artist | Photographer | Explorer 

Petrol head | Film Geek | Archer | Climber & LUFC fan MOT.

Music is my religion.


I’m just passionate about painting, to slow down and live in the present. Grab a beer, stick some (Pink) Floyd on, and pour my love and attention into every brush stroke as the time passes by.


Each painting is a fresh and exciting venture. I let the subject guide and develop my style as I try to capture their personality. It’s not just about creating a likeness for me, It’s finding what they’ve meant to me and how I interpret what makes them special in their craft through movement, sound and an expression of vibrant colour. Capture the energy that makes them, them.


I hope to do the subject matters justice and that people enjoy my artwork as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it. One of my favourite things about art is it’s a universal language everyone can speak. To be able to really express my love and appreciation for all the wonderful people, characters and inspiration through music, film, sport and life in general, is a gift I will never take for granted. It’s very much for them as it is for me, a way I can give a little back I guess, to reach out and shake them by the hand through my work.


I can’t thank you enough for checking out my site and having a genuine interest in me and what I do. I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank my family and friends who have always supported me, encouraged me and given me the confidence to get myself out there! You know who you are, massive love to you all!


If you have a lonely wall at home and you like any of my artworks, don’t forget they’re available in my shop. Hey, you can’t blame a guy for trying right?


Thank you,